&plify was core concept at the heart of the conference at which Gen Re launched the final production of The Incredible Curious Global Adventure to its clients and collaborators. &plify as a concept introduced the emerging power of the combinatorial and exponential idea of innovation. This core concept was reinforced by the story captured in The INcredible Curious Global Adventure, a global on-camera research project exploring the future of the insurance industry.

AND … a tiny three-letter word that amplifies thinking AND magnifies possibility.
AND is THE word of the 21st century, one that symbolizes the convergence of one radical innovation with another AND another AND another.
AND demands better thinking as we accept its challenge for inclusivity.
AND calls for a more robust future-readiness.
AND is the power of NOW

In addition to a carefully curated conference programme of talks, and key international guest speakers, an interactive installation, and a concept performance piece provided an engaging experiential aspect to the theme.

Behind the Scenes…

Gen Re BTS (low res) from Gen Re CONNECT on Vimeo.

The video below showcases the &plify performance piece that created the bridge between the conference and the launch of The Incredible Curious Global Adventure research documentary.

The &plify concept production from Gen Re CONNECT on Vimeo.

Journey Through The Line

The concept of “Journey Through the Line” built on the &plify theme of the previous year, demonstrating how the concept of innovation was shifting from a firm-centric strategy to open innovation and an ecosystem-centric strategy. Innovation archetypes identified and developed out of the Incredible Curious Global Adventure research were animated to give meaning to the evolution of the innovation journey from firm to ecosystem. Zia Zaman, CEO of Lumenlab, Singapore, who featured prominently in The Incredible Curious Adventure, was also a challenging and interesting guest speaker at the conference.

The innovation evolution animation from Gen Re CONNECT on Vimeo.

Journey to an innovation ecosystem from Gen Re CONNECT on Vimeo.