Mobilising stakeholders around ideas & future design

Sugarbird Studios helps companies and organisations mobilise their clients and stakeholders around big ideas and the co-creation of shared futures. We do this through the production of engaging and thought-provoking content for all media platforms, the production of on-camera stakeholder inquiries that inform collaborative conversation and the design and production immersive concept experiences that bring big ideas and new evocative narratives to life.

NEW! Content & Conversation: The Incredible Curious Adventure

A stakeholder inquiry & documentary exploring the future of the insurance industry

In April 2016, Sugarbird Studios together with Gen Re, an international reinsurer, embarked on an Incredible Curious Adventure! We sought out and spoke to insurance industry leaders, futurists, digital specialists, brand experts and fintech players. We asked them about the future and captured their thinking on film. What we produced, as a result, is a powerful and thought provoking documentary. Launched to rave reviews on 18 August 2016, this documentary disrupts our worldview and presents a fresh perspective of the future already in our midst. Watch the documentary here.

The Incredible Curious Adventure - Full Documentary from ICA on Vimeo.

What is most exciting, is the new conversation this documentary is inspiring in the insurance industry with fintech’s joining in. The narrative, a story of a future in our midst and on the horizon, has proven to be energising and helpful as a thinking framework and has very quickly created shared understanding for conversations for change and innovation to take root.

The message is clear: It’s time to shift how we frame and look at the world, how we do business, how we innovate, the problems we solve and how we solve them.

Who we have created for and co-created with

Gen Re, a global reinsurer. Transnet National Ports Authority. Transnet Port Terminals. Louis XIII. Old Mutual. Nederburg. We have co-created the Tuning the Vine #InnerCityWine Route, the monthly epic midweek wine adventure in the City.

NEW! Concept Experience: The Louis XIII Art of Genius

A bespoke multisensory taste journey in Goodman Gallery

Imagine being fully immersed in an exquisite multisensory taste journey through a hundred years in the making of a bottle of the prestigious Louis XIII. The Art of Genius experience, hosted by Jorg Pfutzner of Louis XIII and the prestigious Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, did this in the most spectacular way.

A small group of some 10 guests were treated to a bespoke experience produced by Sugarbird Studios, directed by artist Robin Kirsten and brought to life in the exquisite flavour interpretations of Patron Chef of Aubergine Restaurant, Harald Brasselschmidt.

Four experience zones mapped the journey, each giving expression to a defining aspect of the Louis XIII story - time and place, the art of blending of 1200 eau de vies, the finesse of flavour by 4 generations of cellar masters and the mastery of time – 100 years in a bottle in the making of the King of Cognacs.
Light, sound, sculpture, art, taste, space - all played their part.