Through a documentary and a series of short films, The Creation Generation Media project aims to showcase young creators and innovators who are changing the way we think, create and live in the world. The project will explore how we can grow South Africa’s Creation Generation and their impact in the world.

Why do we need this project?

Today’s youth face extraordinary challenges… a tough economic climate where employment is out of reach for many, a conflicted government unable to create opportunity and access to the marketplace for young people, and limited funding for and investment in young enterprise. There is an urgency to turn this around and create a constructive place in the local and greater South African economy for our youth. The CreationGeneration media project aims to shine a light on the value and potential of our youth and their importance to a successful future for South Africa. It aims to give the youth a voice on the future and their role in it.

The issue of a challenged youth is universal. Young people across the world face an uncertain future waiting for their genius and creativity to break through and define a new way of thinking, creating and living in the world.

The Creation Generation - some inspiring stories
Generously filmed and edited by Ben Cole, the teaser video also aims to attract the support of funders and sponsors to help us showcase and grow the impact of South Africa’s Creation Generation.

Creation generation Mpeg 4 FCP X from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

Ben Cole: Director and mentor to young film makers

I am thrilled to have Ben Cole on the Creation Generation Media project as Director and mentor. I so appreciate his support for the project and his enthusiasm to generously get behind it and make it happen. He has kept me inspired to push on through uncertainty. For more about Ben Cole, go to

Collaboration with Ripple Effect Media Production Western Cape

I am also blessed with the support of the young and very talented team from Ripple Effect Media Production Western Cape, a sister company of The Big Fish School of Digital Film making. They filmed and edited the mural promo and time-lapse.

The CreationGeneration… A collaborative approach

We are inviting like-minded sponsors, philanthropists, creative, media and other partners to come on board and help us co-create this exciting project to inspire and constructively mobilise the youth of South Africa. Give Shereen a call if you want to be part of the Creation Generation Revolution. Call me on 083 357 4069 today!

The project at a glance


The Creation Generation Mural kick starts the media project from Shereen Amos on Vimeo.

A 5mx12m mural starts the CreationGeneration conversation.

We plan to build a CreationGeneration Mobile Video Booth that will travel around South Africa and give ordinary people the opportunity to share their views on the CreationGeneration, tell their story and nominate their CreationGeneration candidates. These ideas and stories will be uploaded to the web for people to share and like. The content we collect will inform our short films and documentary.

A panel will select the people and creations to feature in our short films and the documentary.

Young filmmakers will be invited to pitch their short film idea to a panel and the young filmmakers with the best ideas will be given the opportunity to produce their film. Each film will be no longer than 12 minutes. Each film will be re-versioned into a 3-minute versions for the web, mobile and the Bozza platform and as fillers for television.

The documentary will frame the term CreationGeneration and put people and stories to this idea. It will sketch the environment, the conditions and the support that allow a CreationGeneration to flourish and to explore what we need in the Western Cape and South Africa to make this happen. It will look at the opportunity spaces of social entrepreneurship and impact investing and how investment funds can be redirected to investment of ideas and groundbreaking projects. It will showcase the institutions behind social innovation and their contribution to a robust and dynamic CreationGeneration. It is hoped that the documentary will inspire the youth and encourage key stakeholders and investors to get behind this generation with serious intent and support.

On completion of the short films and documentary, these films will be shared with audiences through funky art exhibitions and screening events - indoor and outdoor. Artists will be invited to create works of art that represent their interpretation of the CreationGeneration and these works of art will be on display at the screening events. These events will take place over throughout 2015.

The mural story

The first character calls awareness to the state of challenge – the issues and opportunities. The second character represents a self empowered, resilient and creative generation emerging to bring new constructive thinking and solutions to the world. The third character represents a youth removing the mask of compliance and complacency and choosing to bring their authenticity and genius to respond to and deal with the challenges and the opportunity in the world today.

The mural timelapse video

Creation Gen Music video Timelapse from Shereen Amos on Vimeo.